How to Get High ROI From Your Press Release Distribution In 5 Steps

A press release can provide a good return-on-investment (ROI) if done right. You need to have a clear goal right from the start that will drive you to plan and execute your campaign.

A good monitoring and tracking tool can help you know the real value of your ROI. Although not all releases can give brands a straight conversion, it is a great campaign to create a noise about your brand and prpress release distributionoducts.

ROI refers to the overall cost of writing and distributing releases over the financial result of the outreach.

  1. Determine your goal.

What do you want to attain? This is an important piece of information that will allow you to measure the results of your campaign.

  • Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?
  • To have more leads?
  • To boost your sales?
  • To increase your email subscriptions?

Don’t just aim at “To build our brand reputation.” It is a generic statement that is hard to measure.

Instead of a general goal, write “To increase traffic to my website.” Your goal should be achievable and specific. Write how much traffic you want.

You should also ensure that you’re working on creating a call-to-action that would invite the readers to click. Don’t confuse the visitors. Don’t give them a lot of links to click that may lead to a failed CTA.

Remember that every Best Press Release Distribution Services for 2018 has their own goals. Just ensure that you are able to track it later at the end of the campaign.

  1. Target the right keyword.

Another ingredient to a successful distribution is knowing what keyword to target. You can do this by doing a keyword research first.

Use keywords or phrases that people use when conducting Google searches. It enables you to be found on the search engine result pages (SERP). If you optimized your release for the search engines, it will have better rankings.

When visitors go to search engines, they want to get the answers to their inquiries as fast as possible. If your content is optimized, they will find your content and you’ll have a better ROI.

  1. Use your own platforms.

If you’re not a new business, you possibly have brand advocates. Alerting them that your brand has a new release is one great method to boost the results.

You can publish your release on your own website. Place it in your newsroom, social media channels and blog.

You may also alert them through RSS feeds and email. The more people are aware of your story, the more it can give you a high ROI.

  1. Use paid ads.

Another way to increase the impact of your releases is to use paid ads. It is a good venue to promote your business and products and reach a wide range of audience.

You can get the most of your distribution, by using paid newswire services. You need to pay attention to these factors:

  • Know the geographic location that your press release can have a great impact.
  • Be specific to the industry and vertical market reach. Who is your target?
  • Use the right multimedia for your releases. It ensures that your content is optimized more for the search engines.
  • Use paid advertising campaigns.
  1. Write a newsworthy content.

Perhaps, this is the most basic step to have a good ROI from your distribution. A well-written piece can appear on high on the search engines.

When your content is found by users, it means more people can visit your website. They can make purchasing decision once they discover that you are a trustworthy brand.

As a marketer or PR professional, you should know what type of content can create the most impact on your ROI. If you’re not sure about it, enroll to learn how to write newsworthy press releases.

You may also read tons of releases available online. It just takes practice.